Oregon Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

The Oregon Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is a tool to help healthcare providers and pharmacists provide patients better care in managing their prescriptions. It contains information provided by Oregon-licensed retail pharmacies.

Pharmacies submit prescription data to the PDMP system for all Schedules II, III and IV controlled substances dispensed to Oregon residents. The protected health information is collected and stored securely.

Oregon-licensed healthcare providers and pharmacists and their staff may be authorized for an account to access information from the PDMP system. Bordering state licensed healthcare providers may also be authorized for access accounts. By law their access is limited to patients under their care.

The program was started to support the appropriate use of prescription drugs. The information is intended to help people work with their healthcare providers and pharmacists to determine what medications are best for them. 

For more information, questions or concerns, browse the website and Fact Sheet or email or call the PDMP staff.


New PDMP Legislation

Senate Bill 71  was passed during the 2015 Oregon legislative session and signed into law June 18, 2015:

•    Pharmacies are required to electronically report data no later than 72 hours after dispensing a prescription drug that is subject to the prescription monitoring program.


Proposed Rulemaking

The Oregon Health Authority (Authority) is proposing to permanently amend OAR 410-121-4010 and renumber it to OAR 333-023-0810 to revise reporting requirements for the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, based on the passage of SB 71 (Oregon Laws 2015, chapter 481).  Pharmacies are now required to electronically report data no later than 72 hours after dispensing a prescription drug that is subject to the prescription monitoring program. The Authority is also proposing to amend and renumber rules in OAR chapter 410 (Medical Assistance Programs), division 121 pertaining to the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program to chapter 333 (Public Health), division 23 since the Public Health Division is responsible for the administration of the program.

You are being invited to review and comment on the proposed rules. If you wish to present oral testimony, a public hearing will be held in Portland, Oregon at 800 NE Oregon St, Room 618, on December 16, 2015 at 1:30 p.m. You may also file written comments before 5:00 p.m. on December 22, 2015 by submitting them to the Public Health Division Rules Coordinator at the following address:

OHA, Public Health Division

Brittany Sande, Administrative Rules Coordinator

800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 930

Portland, Oregon 97232

E-mail comments to: brittany.a.sande@state.or.us

You may also send comments by fax to (971) 673-1299.

Final rules will be filed after consideration of all comments.

For more information, please see the following documents

 Notice of Hearing

 Need and Fiscal Impact

 PDMP Proposed Text


Senate Bill 470 was passed during the 2013 Oregon legislative session. The bill authorizes the following changes effective January 1, 2014:

  • Permits the PDMP to collect additional data (patient sex, days supplied, and refill data)
  • Permits prescribers and pharmacists to authorize delegate access to members of staff
  • Permits prescribers to review prescriptions dispensed under their own DEA number
  • Allows the State Medical Examiner and designees to access PDMP information for autopsies and death investigations
  • Authorizes prescribers in neighboring states (WA, ID, and CA) and who treat Oregonians to access the Oregon PDMP
  • Allows public health authorities to use de-identified PDMP data
  • Makes additional PDMP information exempt from public records disclosure

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